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Juvenile Court Representation in Iowa

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A minor facing legal trouble may need to answer to a judge about the accusation. Juveniles and parents must decide if an attorney is needed for delinquency proceedings. Some cases call for representation by an experienced delinquency (juvenile crimes) attorney.

Not all criminal defense attorneys represent minors, so juveniles and their parents may wish to contact an experienced juvenile defense attorney for the best legal representation.

What Makes a Juvenile Attorney Different Than Other Attorneys

Similar to an adult criminal defense attorney, juvenile defense attorneys ensure clients’ constitutional rights are protected. They work to get the best possible outcome for clients. Usually, the goals are: releasing clients from juvenile detention, placing clients on probation, or having charges dismissed.

A juvenile defense attorney must follow different rules and procedures. All states have laws that govern how juvenile courts are run and what rights juveniles have when accused.

Juvenile court attorneys may be court-appointed or privately retained. Attorneys may represent the child or may represent the child's parent or guardian.


Court-appointed juvenile court attorneys are typically appointed by the court. Once a formal charge is filed, they represent juveniles in all types of legal proceedings, from initial hearings and arraignments to plea bargains, pretrial conferences, and trials.

Privately Retained

Privately retained attorneys have the same responsibilities but may become involved prior to the filing of charges including during investigation or diversion programs. Additionally, the juvenile or parents have a role in choosing that attorney.

Parent or Guardian Attorneys

At times, the child's parent or guardian may also have a separate attorney who specifically represents the parent’s wishes.

When to Contact Branstad & Olson

Juvenile court attorneys tirelessly defend clients and seek the best possible outcome for each case. If you or your child is facing juvenile charges, contact a qualified juvenile defense attorney, like the attorneys at Branstad & Olson, who can help you understand your rights and options. Reach out to our dedicated team today for a consultation on your case. (515) 329-3100

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