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Most people receive a minor infraction for speeding or parking illegally. Usually, we walk away a bit embarrassed and with an annoying fine, along with a lesson. Some traffic offenses, however, lead to severe consequences, ranging from jail time to loss of driver’s license.

At Branstad & Olson, our Des Moines traffic ticket attorneys review video of your stop to determine if you were illegally stopped or unjustly charged. We also work to help determine your best steps to get the best result avoiding jail time or avoiding additional loss of license.

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Types of Traffic Offenses in Iowa

Although some traffic misdemeanors, such as going through a red light, minor speeding charges, or forgetting to signal can still land you with a ticket, these will not count as a criminal offense.

Some common criminal traffic offenses include:

  • Driving While Barred: Iowa courts take driving infractions seriously. In Iowa, driving is a privilege, and the Iowa DOT can suspend your license because of past due fines or a high number of traffic tickets. If you get caught driving without a license, you could be charged with driving while barred. These charges can carry up to a 2-year prison sentence, and a fine of between $625 and $6,250. You could also lose the ability to get a driver’s license for additional months or years, and have to pay hefty reinstatement fees.
  • Leaving the scene of an accident: If you’re involved in an automobile accident, it is required by state law to pull over, remove your car from the road, if possible, and stop to check whether anyone has been injured, regardless if you are the one at fault. If there are injuries to any victims, you must then help those who are hurt to gain access to a medical facility, or at least call an ambulance. Even if there are no injuries, you must still exchange information with the other driver. Refusing to stop, also called a “hit-and-run,” results in penalties ranging from a minimum fine and possible jail time, to a 2-year prison sentence and fine of up to $6,250, depending on the severity of the damage and injuries suffered. If anyone leaves the scene of an accident resulting in death, that person can be charged with a class D felony, which could result in a fine up to $7,500 and a prison sentence of 5 years.
  • Drag Racing: Drag racing in Iowa is any speed contest on either a highway, public road, or street, whether or not the racer is on their own or competing against multiple drivers. Not only is it unlawful to be a drag racer yourself, but it is illegal to support this kind of racing in any way. Drag racing can result in a fine of between $65 and $625, up to 30 days in jail, and the loss of license.
  • Reckless Driving: This unsafe act is defined as driving a vehicle in any way that indicates a willful or wanton disregard for the safety of other people or property. Even if no one is hurt by your driving, reckless driving charges can still be pressed. If convicted, you will be forced to pay fines up to $625 and spend up to 30 days in jail. You may also lose your license.

A Vast Range of Experience

If you need a traffic ticket lawyer in Des Moines, you can count on our seasoned attorneys. We have successfully preserved the rights of many defendants in multiple scenarios, from parking tickets to overcoming allegations of eluding the police.

Contact us now at (515) 329-3100. Our skilled Des Moines traffic ticket attorneys at Branstad & Olson will work to challenge your citation.

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